Monday, August 26, 2013

Dozen of the Month Cookie Club

So do you love our cookies, and want an excuse to order some, but don't really want to just order yourself some cookies for no reason?  Well we have the answer.  

Join our Dozen of the Month Club.   2 amis bake has decided to do a dozen of the month club.    Each dozen will be 13 delicious cookies.  The theme will be chosen by the amis based on holiday in the month or season.  Easy way to make sure you have yummy treats each month.  Keep them for yourself, give them to a friend, or take them to a party.   The longer subscription you purchase the more you save.  

How much does joining cost?  well we have lots of different options.  And remember the holidays are coming isn't there someone on your list that would like cookies each month?

Local Pick Up Prices (if you need them delivered locally please add $5, per month.  Will deliver in the SLC valley only, if outside of that please see Shipped Pricing)

1 Month                   $30
3 Month                   $80 ( 11% savings) (Save $10)
Quarterly  *             $105 (12.5% savings) (Save $15) 
6 – Month **           $145 (19% savings) (Save $35) 
12- Month                $275 (24% savings) (Save $85) 

Shipped Prices
1 Month                    $45
3-  Month                  $125 ( 11% savings) (Save $10)
Quarterly   *             $165 (12.5% savings) (Save $15) 
6 – Month **            $235 (19% savings) (Save $35)
12- Month                 $455 (24% savings) (Save $85)

*Quarterly subscriptions are one dozen per quarter.  You can pick which month, must notify by 30th of previous month.  Example, you want cookies in Feburary, must let us know by January 30th.  If you do not specify month, cookies will be ready last month of the quarter (March/June/September/December)

**6 month subscriptions can be consecutive months, or every other month.  Please specify when ordering. 

Each month’s theme will be posted on our facebook page and blog.  Along with what the pickup dates will be.  If for some reason you cannot pick up that months cookie, we can move your subscription to the next month as long as you give us 2 weeks’ notice that you will not be picking up.  

Contact us at with questions or to start your subscription.  First month of subscription cookies will be just in time for Halloween.  

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