Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halloween Cookies

Halloween is just a little more than a month away.  October is also our first Cookie of the month club month.  Sign up for a 3 month Cookie of the Month and save some money, plus have cookies for all the holidays coming up.

October's cookies include a dozen yummy sugar cookies in 3 different themes.  Dozen's are $30.

The Witch Theme includes 6 witch shoes, 3 witch hats, and 3 caldrons. The colors on these cookies are super bright.  The pattern on the cookies may vary.

Second theme is an Owl Theme.  This includes 5 Owls, 4 Jack o Lanterns, and 3 Candies.  

The third Theme in the Candy Theme.  It includes 5 jack-o-lanters, 4 candy corns, and 3 candies

Last day to order Halloween Cookies is October 25th.  Dozen's are $30.  Email us at 2amisbake@gmail.com to order.  

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