Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jeff's 40th Birthday

When my friend Nick contacted me about doing some cookies for Jeff's 40th Birthday I was so excited about his ideas I couldn't wait to do these cookies.  I became a little rushed when a new little baby was born the weekend I had planned to do the cookies, but I was able to get some new baby lovin' in and make the cookies.

Jeff is a lover of many things and we share a love of Diet Coke and Rum, specifically Sailor Jerry's.  So being able to make some Diet Coke cookies made my heart smile.

Another of Jeff's loves is Alfred Hitchcock.  I couldn't decide between the traditional silhouette or the silhouette he drew of himself, so a few of each went on the platter.

Jeff also loves his vinyl albums.  There always seems to be a record album out when you go to visit.

And we could not forget his love for his puppies.

And I don't really know if Jeff loves the fact his a diabetic, but we thought some shots needed to be at the party.
 The cookies all ready for the party.
 Jeff I hope that your next 40 are just as good or better than the first.  Happy Birthday!

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