Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brandi Carlile Cookies

So do you ever get a crazy idea?  I got one a few weeks ago, I actually originally had the idea back in December, but there wasn't enough time to fully carry out the plan so it got put on the back burner.  What is the crazy idea you ask?  Well my idea was to make cookies that represented Brandi Carlile, her band, and her charities, then try to get the cookies delivered to her at a concert.  I'm happy to report that the cookies were made, delivered directly to Phil (one of her twin guitarists), then this happened.

Thats right, Brandi Carlile instagrammed the cookies!  When I saw this on my phone while waiting in line for the concert, I couldn't speak.  I was so happy that she liked the cookies enough to post about them.  Super high for the rest of the night.  After the concert we decided to wait by the busses to see if we could meet the band and get a picture.  Phil came out first and recognized me as the one that gave the cookies.  His brother Tim came out a little bit after and I told him I made the cookies, he said "Oh my God"  and said they had taken so many pictures of them.  After a little while longer Brandi came out, and her tour manager, Rachel said no pictures.  I told her I was the one that made the cookies, and she thanked me, and told me I was super talented.  Pretty crazy to have someone you think is amazing tell you that you are talented.  She said they didn't have time for pictures, and we told her that we were also going to a show the next night, she then gave us Rachel's number and said we could have a photo session the next day.  

Needless to say I was wide awake at 2:45 as we walked back to our car.  I just kept looking at the phone, and rethinking of the conversation I just had with Brandi Carlile.

The next day, Rachel let us know that we could come back to the dressing room after the show.  She said it would be a real quick picture, but when we got back there, Brandi was quite chatty.  She said they had all eaten some of the cookies and they tasted as good as they looked.  She also said her wife was impressed with the charity ones.  

And I guess since this is a cookie blog I should show you some of the cookies.

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