Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cookie Recap

This blog tends to only get updated about once every couple months, but it's been a busy few months.  

Baby Shower cookie for a little boy

Phish, Bob Marley, and Grateful Dead cookies for Teacher Appreciation

Walking Dead finale Cookies

Easter Cookies

Doughnut Cake with Sergeant Badge Cookie

Wine theme wedding rehearsal party

Our largest order ever.  17 dozen of these went out as thank you gift from the orthodontist office.

Firefighter themed baby shower

Cookies for Mothers day

Monogramed Cookies

These cookies made there way to Norway to celebrate May 17th!

Thomas the Train 3 year old Birthday Cookies

Construction Themed 3 year old Birthday cookies

40 year Birthday cookies for a PBR fan

 Celebrated Pride with the Rainbow Star cookies

 Father's Day cookies

Baptism Cookies

Clash of Clan Cake

More Rhododendron Cookies

 Happy 1st Birthday

 Baby Shower cookies

Teacher Appreciation Cookies

Happy Birthday Super Hero Cookies

4th of July Cookies

Stay tuned for the next cookies, and you can always check us out on Facebook or instagram. 

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