Monday, August 18, 2014

Picture Purge

We've become a little lazy when it come to the blog, so to make up for the past 8 months, how about a picture purge?

Girls Weekend Cookies

Baptism treat table

Barbie Graduation Cookies

2nd Birthday cake and cookies

Bridal Shower Tea Party Cookies 
4th of July Cookies

Birthday Cookies for Melanie

Birthday Cookies

Lego Cookies for 6th Birthday

Smash Cake

Leo's 1st Birthday Cookies

Leo's 1st of Auntie Amy's Cookies

Leo and his mini smash cake

Tille Graduation Cookies

Duke Birthday Cookies

Oscar Party Cookies

Spring Cookies

Girls Weekend Cookies
Wedding Cookies

Buddah Cookies

Custom Cookies for Baile Dance and Fitness Studio

Crossfit Cookies

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